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We work with many professional translators and proofreaders who are dedicated to providing the best possible services to our clients worldwide.

Our translation services always include a personalised localisation service, because every translation should feel completely natural in the target language and represent the customs of the respective local language. That is why our first priority is to find the right translator with the right expertise for your translation assignment so that localisation solutions, e.g. for your website or software projects, are provided correctly.

To make our work processes effective and cost-efficient, we use the most recent translation databases and terminology management programs, which enable us to meet delivery deadlines as quickly as possible. This saves you time and money!

At 321-TRANSLATE, we are able to process almost all standard file formats, because we and our translators use the latest translation software (CAT tools).

Our range of services also include post-editing projects, i.e. the post-processing of automatically pre-translated texts, and multi-lingual DTP projects that are delivered ready for print.


  • Translation STANDARD
  • from 0,08
    per word
  • STANDARD - translations are suitable for simple and general translations of texts originating from general, everyday and non-specialised areas of life and work. These translations do not contain any special terminology and do not require proofreading, such as, for example:
  • • Drafts and internal communication
  • • Emails
  • • Simple web content
  • • Travelogues and more...
  • (without proofreading)
  • Translation PRO
  • from 0,12
    per word
  • PRO translations are carried out by our most experienced and qualified 321-TRANSLATE translators. Your professional translation projects are always handled by our specialist and industry-specific translators, who have special expertise in the following areas:
  • • Professional business communication (B2B + B2C)
  • • Advertising and Marketing
  • • Press Releases
  • • Terms and Conditions and more...
  • (without proofreading)
  • Post Editing
  • from 0,07
    per word
  • Post-editing projects are the subsequent processing of automatically pre-translated texts. Our translators check and edit texts that have been pre-translated using machine translation technology, giving the finished text a human touch.
  • • To find out more, contact us or read more in our FAQ page (Question 11).
  • (without proofreading)

Additional options


+0,03€ pro Wort


+0,03€ pro Wort


+0,04€ per word

Proofreading and Editing

  • from 0,05
    per word
  • Proofreading and editing STANDARD includes proofreading for spelling, syntax and grammar errors as well as corrections of errors.
  • Our native speakers, who have many years of experience and are verified by 321-TRANSLATE, ensure that your text is always processed linguistically and stylistically.
  • 321-TRANSLATE verified native speakers
  • PRO incl. Localisation
  • from 0,08
    per word
  • Proofreading and editing PRO is the best solution for all professional translation projects.
  • This is where our technical and industry experts come in to play. Your content is both proofread for any spelling, syntax and grammatical errors and reworked in the editing phase to optimise the text both linguistically and stylistically. We pay particular attention to localisation of the content so that the translated text presents itself naturally and linguistically appropriately in the target language.
  • 321-TRANSLATE verified native speakers